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'All the puppets were made of paper.  The lady gave us nice paper to make a girl or a boy puppet.  I finished and I'm proud of myself. It was fun'  3/4 student Sunbury Primary

'After the show, we made origami people with a kimono.   Mine was a blue kimono.  The paper looked cool.  I was a very fun lesson this week.' 3/4 student Sunbury Primary

'Claire let us look at the back of the theatre.  After the show we made some Japanese people.  I think it was the best work all term I did.'  'I had heaps of fun.'  3/4 student Sunbury Primary

'Our Year one and Two classes sat mesmerised by the delightful performance. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop when their barking dogs emerged from the beautiful Japanese Paper.  All in all an enchanting exposure to the many facets of Japanese culture.'  LT & VD Williamstown North Primary







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