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Obasan and Momotaro'

   'Very positive from Prep to 6.  To hold grade 5&6 students enthralled at this late stage of the year is no mean feat.  Well done!'  KC Belgrave South Primary

'They all loved it.  Their feedback was very positive and they enjoyed all of the time.  Staff also were highly entertained...'  DW  Geelong Grammar Primary

'I really liked Momotaro because it was a great story and it was also funny.  I thought it was clever how Claire played all the characters and it all still seemed real.  I also liked the special effects like the lake and the peach appearing with nobody touching it.  The acting was also fantastic.'  Student, Toorak College  

'The students really enjoyed the performance.  They are still singing the Momotoro song!  The set was fantastic and very cleverly done.  All of the background music was very effective for setting the scene.'  AC & SM Kardinia International College

'....Claire Teisen came to our school.  She performed a play of Momotaro the Peach Boy.....The costumes were fabulous....I felt very good at the end and surprised at just how good one person could be.' 3/4 Student writing in Williamstown North Primary Newsletter


'It included fantastic puppets and lots of humor.'  'If you watched this play you would think that the characters are real not just Claire dressed up.  All the 3/4 classes loved your performance.  Thank you.  3/4 Student writing in Williamstown North Primary Newsletter

'Very engaged - enjoyed the humour - fascinated by technology of the props.'   RM Urquhart Park Primary

'Great inclusion of Japanese words and characterisation.'       SD Xavier College - Burke Hall 

'Students were really enjoying the play, very engaging. Great props, especially Kamishibai.' FH Westbourne Grammar

'Fun, entertaining, and the actor is very talented.'     TD Templestowe Park Primary

'Students were engaged during the performance and really enjoyed the "Audience Participation" component throughout.'  RG Williamstown North Primary


Big Oni is not
                    happy! Big Oni - Not Happy!

Photo Gallery

Kiji preens Momotaro Inu
                    ready for fun Onigashima

                      holds the peach and Momotaro emerges

Claire Teisen
                    and her little friends

Momotaro sits
                      on his peach

Saru is ready for

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